The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts
Churches Partnering To Transform Lives and Communities
Churches Partnering To Transform Lives and Communities
Matthew 28:19–20a
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God has called us to be a communion of American Baptist churches in Massachusetts that have come together to build the body of Christ through prayer, mutual support and fellowship. The focus of our organization is to engage in mission and to strengthen our member churches, enabling them to nurture personal faith while also offering a dynamic evangelical witness in their communities. We recognize that there are some things no one church can accomplish alone and that we benefit greatly from the sharing of our diverse gifts and perspectives. Thus we use our association to maximize our shared resources for mission, education, and social witness. In all things we will be defined—and measured—by our discipleship to Jesus Christ and our distinctive character as American Baptists.

We will be a transformed (regenerate) people as we grow in Christ's likeness. (Philippians 3:12-13)

  • We will be known as a community that makes God's Word central in all we say and do.
  • We will constantly seek through prayer, worship and study to understand what Christ wants for our lives.

We are all called to be ministers of Jesus Christ. As such we will be His lifelong students and measure ourselves by our ability to live Christ-like lives. We seek to fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. (Matthew 10)

We will be a healing and empowering community that celebrates the diversity of humankind and our unity in Jesus Christ by

  • The ways we value and esteem all God's people and their gifts and abilities
  • Overcoming bias and fear
  • Our effectiveness in developing local and global awareness of diversity in the body of Christ (Acts 10:34B–35)

We will constantly celebrate God and our rich heritage as American Baptists. We believe our principles of soul freedom, autonomy of the local church, separation of church and state, freedom of and responsibility for interpreting scripture, our regenerate theology and our associational principles not only set us apart but particularly strengthen and equip us for ministry in these times. (I Peter 2:9)